Stirring behavioural change: Precisely what we experience is ours.

Whatever we are going through at the moment is only ours. The perception through our senses belongs to us. Whatever we see, hear, smell, taste and touch is our observation. And whatever feelings are coming through these sensations are solely ours.

All of this is happening unconsciously. The inlets of our body are taking in all the information from the outside world. As the information from the Karam and the Gyan Indriya reaches our mind, it starts processing and analysing them. The evaluation further gets filtered by the brain as per our ideology or conditioning.

The conditioning of our mind to a particular way of thinking determines our assessment of the now. The meaning we have been giving to past incidents determines how we interpret the present moment. Hence, even though we have multiple occurrences in a day, but all are experienced in the same fashion. As we stereotype our assessment of a stimulus, we are repeatedly living the same lives over and over again.

Still, come what may, we can’t change the past, but we have the power to change our present. We can feel different from the yesteryears by being conscious of our present.

Our mind repeatedly takes us to the old patterns of thinking; Therefore, it needs a sustained practice of awareness to catalyse a change.

Installing new behaviour is a complex and painstaking process, as it involves a personality change or a change in personal reality. If we continue to do what we have been doing in the past, we shall keep getting the same results. For the outcomes to change, we must change.

First, we must learn to respond (Kriya) and not react (Pratikriya) to a situation. Generating a time lag between the stimulus and response gives us the window to act differently. Also, recording the pattern of behaviour after the passage of the event is informative and insightful. Then one can look at the various ways one could have reacted and figure out the best of the response for the future.

Simultaneously, making a shift from ‘believing’ what we have felt over the years to ‘knowing’ the truth about it creates a metamorphosis. Because knowing always comes from within; its direction is inside out while believing is outside inwards. Likewise, releasing oneself of the need for the approval of others allows us to act independently. Everyone loves acceptance, but when it becomes a necessity, it makes us static.

Remember, no one else is stopping us from acting in a certain way but ourselves. We alone can instantly take charge of our thoughts, sensations, feelings and emotions and not allow the past fears or doubts stop us from acting the way we wish to.

Undeniably, every moment is as precious as a gem. Why lose it to our habituations, actions based on the impressions of the past. Let’s change our viewpoint in the now to generate a cache of experiences, ones we could marvel and cherish during and after the journey.

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