To reach the top you need to have the qualities & habits of the successful people of the industry.These are the “KaramYogis”, not just the “GyanYogis” of their arenas. Because these days all the “Gyan” or Knowledge is available on the net. We have to find the right motivation & inspiration of practicing it. We must perform the daily rituals like an athlete does in preparation for the impending megaevent. We must maintain that enthusiasm 24 x 7 for years on end in order reach the pinnacle of our profession. Industries may vary, but the qualities & traits to succeed are the same.
The first & the foremost requirement of reaching the top in our field is to “Find your Gift”. That unique quality, that special skill or talent you naturally have. Don’t judge the fish by its ability to climb the tree, or a monkey by its ability to swim. Most of us are living the life of a cat, although we are destined to be lions of our respective areas. So, our journey to the top starts with the identification of our true passions, our “Element”.
Once that is identified, the role of commitment & discipline comes in. The conversion of this passion into an obsession. Complete immersion of our mind, body & soul into that area of our choice. It means experiencing the “Flow” or “Timelessness” when we are engrossed in our area of gifting. Difficulties turn into challenges, obstacles into overcomings. Therefore, our ascent to the zenith of our talent requires the steadfastness of a bulldog pursuing a piece of bone.
Lastly, a passion without a purpose is akin to poison.If our mission in life is not for the good of the society at large, we are amiss somewhere. We may have all the name, fame & money of the world, but no genuine satisfaction out of our lives. Reaching the top has no meaning if doesn’t provide internal peace & happiness.Fulfilment comes from making our passionserve the humanity &to leave a lasting legacy during that pursuit.

The 2day workshop aims at –
1. Finding your Passion
2. Making it Purposeful
3. Creating it into a life’s mission
4. Developing the motivation to follow it incessantly
5. Practicing the daily rituals to accomplish it
6. Bringing the Head, Heart &Hand in unison
7. Cultivating the Victor’s mindset, Ending the Victim’s mentality
8. Overcoming Fears, Self-doubt & trusting the voice of your Conscience
9. Generating Faith, Belief&Courage in Self
10. Living out of comfort zone in a land of Gratitude.

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