Power of Goals by Dr. Deepak Arora

MM School of Architecture, MM University Sadopur, Ambala organized an Expert talk on ‘Power of Goals’ on 24th September, 2015 by Dr. Deepak Arora, a motivational speaker and an eminent dental surgeon.

Dr. Deepak started the session by asking a simple question from the audience as why we exactly need goals? The best one came from Sonakshi who said that goals help to channelize all our positive energies and give a direction to the otherwise meaningless life. Dr. Deepak gave an example of a racehorse wearing blinders which actually help him to focus on his goal of winning the race.He also talked about the types of goals ie. wealth, health, social self, personal enrichment and smart goals. SMART being S- Specific, M- measurable, A- Achievable, R- Realistic, T- Time bound. The crux of the talk was “If you have goals, voice them out to the universe and be sure that yes there will be this world there for you”. He also asserted to the audience to make passion their profession or start enjoying whatever profession they are practising. He summed up his inspirational talk by saying, “Don’t postpone your goals and write them down, start working towards them”.
Prof. Aradhana Jindal, Principal, School of Architecture presented the speaker a token of appreciation. The talk was heartily enjoyed and appreciated by students as well as the faculty.

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