Life is a game of choices. There is no escape from decisions, you have no other options. From the words you speak to the tiniest actions of the day, not a moment passes, when you can live without a decision. Every morning heralds with a selection. From hitting the snooze button, to how many times it is done before you get out of the bed is a choice. Thereafter, from the smallest acts like whether to go for a walk, jog or gym or to sit at home is yet another decision. What to have for the breakfast, what time & where to have it, at home or on the way to the office is yet another choice.

Are we living a animal’s life.

But most of these decisions are made unconsciously. You are living on an auto pilot. You are performing different activities just the same old way, thinking the same thoughts day in & day out. You are living the same routines & rituals. You act, react & behave the same way without any novelty or innovation.

This is animal’s life, wherein the animal is primarily acting out of his instinct, eating when hungry, reacting when attacked upon, sleeping when tired, moving around as if under the influence of some drug or chemical. Look at the cow, it seems lost all the time, the dog is moving aimlessly, barking at any intruder or compatriot from a different lane. The ant looks engrossed in its job of collecting food for itself, unaffected by any distractions on the outside. All species of life tend to react in a repetitive manner.

We become a product of our choices.

But as humans, living the day as per your choice is a choice. You may miss the bus if you fail to make the right decision at the right time. The act of switching over from the unconscious to the conscious level brings in the transformation, from being a bunch of conditionings based on yesteryears experiences to a person capable of acting in the now from a fresh perspective & outlook. In the end, we become a product of our choices.  

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