Let action rule over emotion



Our feelings are of no consequence to the world, as long as they are not complemented by activity. Plain emotions are just like bullets without fire power, unless backed by effort. They are idle wishes & thoughts, not deep desires. They are ideas, without any plans for execution. It is through sustained activity that we can bring our emotional ideas into fruition. The conversion of the thoughts of mind into action makes them alive and real.

The difference between feeling & activity is profound in terms of productivity & output. Feelings alone, drain us of time & energy, whereas actions generate enterprise. In a state of emotional dilemma, we fail to act, losing our strength, steam and stamina. By themselves, emotions bring about negativity, worry & procrastination. Therefore, we must not get embroiled in the whirlpool of emotions. For the flow of vitality, we must immediately put our emotions on the testing grounds of action.

Overthinking creates anxiety, that takes away the reins of mind from our hands, hijacking our potential. An Indian proverb says, when thinking becomes far too intense, the decisions become feeble and create inaction. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Also, let not intellect and logic prevail over our mission and vision, but allow room for actions to govern our behaviour. Our logics are a product of past experiences, that handicap & cripple our potential. A bad experience or emotion can make us weak in our knees and prevent us from taking concerted action. Emotions alone create mental paralysis, backed by motion they create momentum & motivation.
Whether, it is feeling something on the inside or taking the alternative route of venting out that intention into something purposeful and meaningful is an option. We must exercise it for our own sake. The change over from a thinker to a doer, from a preacher to an actor is a mark of evolution of the human mind. A mind that doesn’t remain confined to just the formation of motives, but gets real with the transformation of those elements into a material reality.

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