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End the Victim Mentality

Are you a loser or winner? Do you hold a victim’s mentality or the victor’s mindset? Are you suffering or surfing through life? Are you a part of the moan & groan club or the mature & grown club? Are you blaming or aiming? Are you living out of fear or faith?

A person loses his job, starts to blame everyone around, his peers, his bosses, the economic scenario. He believes everyone plotted against him, not realising that he wasn’t improving & upgrading himself. It was his lack of initiative & failure to deliver that invited the red slip. He was sacked for his under performance, not because of someone or something else, but because of his own doing.
A man is unhealthy, must be admitted to a hospital with an ailment. He doesn’t realise that his past habits of not eating the right foodstuff at the right time, not sleeping enough, worrying excessively, not maintaining the work life balance has taken the toll


Dr Deepak Arora Motivational


If you were to draw a linear line & visualize yourself, with victim on one end & victor on the other, where do you stand. Are you experiencing pain, depression & helplessness in your life or you are living with action, choice & excitement.

Your positioning on the line determines your present status of health, wealth, happiness & relationships. And, generally most of you are somewhere in the middle of this line,neither supercharged or turbocharged to achieve your goals, nor completely drained to pursue your ambitions. You are wading through the waters of life half-heatedly. Sometimes you are energetic & take up change head on, at others you are despondent, not ready to meet the challenge. You are fluctuating in the middle, hoping that one day I shall be leading a fulfilled life of my dreams & aspirations. But that day never comes. You live on postponement & procrastination & not on purpose.

How to make the switch over from negativity to positivity, from the victim to the victor!


Dr Deepak Arora Motivational


You must realize, that it requires a change on the inside. It has nothing to do with people or situations on the outside. You can’t pass the buck or blame for not doing on to someone or something outside of you. It is about internal makeover. It is about personal transformation, which no one else can do for you. The onus of this metamorphosis rests entirely on you. You must do your mental push ups & build your own mental muscle.Your core beliefs about yourself must change. You need to make an emotion change- a feeling of self-assurance & self-belief from within.

Dr Deepak Arora Motivational



Take complete ownership for whatever happened you in the past, even if you were not hundred percent responsible for the event. Take charge of all the actions & behaviors of the past. Wherever you are right now, has been your own making. No one else did it to you.You must take full responsibility for your present condition & say to yourself, that you are here because of your past behaviors.
Take full responsibility of whatever you did in the past.Holding responsibility, sets you free. It heralds the journey from the victim’s mentality to the victor, from the loser to the winner. It gives you the ability to control life’s situations & events. You become the one in command who can sway the tide of events in his direction.

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