Early to bed & Early to Rise…makes a person healthy, wealthy & wise.

Dr Deepak Arora Motivational Early to Bed

Sound sleep is the best form of rejuvenation for the body & the mind. The anabolic & restorative activity during the night wards off the catabolic breakdown of the day. The entropy of the body from free radicals is checked through the release of antioxidants, growth hormones secreted &immunity boosted during the sleep at night. Deep sleep calms the body, mind & spirit, releasing the negativities & worries of the past.


Dr Deepak Arora Motivational Sunrise


The real trouble today begins when we arise a wee bit too late & therefore end up finishing our day late. The vicious cycle sets in… Now, we sleep late & hoping to catch more sleep, continue to lie in the bed late in the morning. In fact, the morning sunrise sets off the release of cortisol in our system, the fight or flight hormone that prepares the body for motion. Therefore, the real deep sleep phase gets over & dreams rule the morning sleep, with visions of anxiety & worry. So, we may be sleeping an equal number of hours, but fail to derive the freshness of sound sleep.


Dr Deepak Arora Motivational restless & lethargic


Poor sleep hygiene makes us restless & lethargic for a long time. To come out of the slumber is a huge gargantuan task. We need to take stimulants like coffee, tea or a fag to awaken & keep us on the move. We remain listless throughout the day; our mind losing its focus & direction. When the sleep deprivation becomes chronic, it starts to take a toll on our body & we fall prey to lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes & psychological disorders.


Dr Deepak Arora Motivational Natural Clock


Let’s, look at resting patterns of the animals, birds & plants inhabiting our planet. Barring a few nocturnal species, all living forms reduce their activities & are off to sleep after the sunset. All nature tends to slow down, reduce its pace after the sunset except for the humans. However, with the creation of the light bulb, we could comfortably step over the unwritten laws of nature & stay awake forever. But, to maintain the sanity of mind & sanctity of body, it is imperative for us to follow the natural clock, wherein night is meant for rest & day to work at your best.

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