Corona, you were meant for the animals─ the bats and snakes. You were doing fine there, coexisting peacefully in their bodies. God knows what brought you to the human body. Whether it was our gustatory urges or you were a leaked weapon of biological warfare, somehow, you made your way into the human system.

We may call it our karma, but you managed to enter us!

You were an Alien

Since ages, we were familiar with the coryza viruses, the influenzas and the pneumococci’s; hence we could prepare, establish medicines and protocols to protect ourselves. We had even developed some immunities against them. Nonetheless, you were an alien, though not from another planet, but still an unknown stranger in terms of understanding and familiarity.

We had never crossed paths before, so initially, we thought, you were like another infection or flu, that was seasonal and would go away of its own. Your presence didn’t ring any alarm bells. However, that was a mistake on our part and a big one!

You were far more deadly and dangerous. Once inside the human body, your real character showed up. Your predilection for the human respiratory system, especially our lungs, debilitating our bodies in a matter of days came to the fore.

You were far more Lethal

Corona, your lethal nature took us by surprise. We realised your potential for the spread was unlimited. You were far more contagious than your predecessors. What was presumed to be a linear spread was, in fact, an exponential one.

You were mimicking a nuclear reaction, where an atom broke into two, and the two split into four, and then to sixteen and then 256. And within no time it would turn into a holocaust, like the one witnessed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, way back in 1945.

 At least it was limited to these two cities. However, you spread your tentacles way beyond your birthplace ─ the Chinese district of Wuhan. In no time, you went global. You went along with the infected host, and they served you unknowingly to their brethren.

 Our Inexperience cost us a fortune

We were inexperienced in tackling you and made certain initial mistakes. We didn’t seal our borders to prevent the visitors from abroad entering our virgin territories and didn’t perform the necessary tests to look for the infected. Besides, a lot of us were afraid to disclose that we were affected, as it carried a stigma. We didn’t realise the gravity of the situation and continued to socialise when we should have been inside. And you were busy taking the toll, unleashing morbidity and mortality around.

We had to pay a heavy price for taking you lightly. However, we have taken lessons now. We have found where we erred. Your transmission was because we failed to follow the basic guidelines of checking a viral infection.

Lockdown is the answer

Now, we are geared up to beat you at your game. We know you love socialisation and gatherings; you are fond of malls, railway stations and airports. You are happy to see and greet a crowd, a conglomeration of people, as that implies victims to you. Therefore, we have voluntarily decided to shut ourselves indoors – a complete Lockdown. As human species, we know our survival lies in isolation, that social distancing alone during this period can save us.

We have taken the responsibility of flattening your spread curve, so as not to overload our medical infrastructure. We have realised the importance of quarantine and the segregation of the affected.

Prevention is the only Cure

We are aware of the fact that you are a weak germ or precisely a piece of protein enclosed in a layer of fat that needs a host to survive and proliferate. Outside of the human body, you are virtually dead. So, we have started wearing masks and frequently washing our hands and using sanitisers. We know you can’t bear the brunt of our chemical disinfection and sterilisation. So, we are religiously adopting these preventive measures. A ray of hope comes from your inability to withstand the ultraviolet rays of the sun or higher temperatures of the summer.

Additionally, we are keeping our immune systems boosted through regular work-outs at home and eating healthy. In the eventuality of your entering our bodies, this would support us in overpowering you. Also, we are working on a cure or a vaccine against you. God willing shortly some remedy should be on the way.

 We are determined to defeat you

Now, let me inform you Corona, we are not the ones to give up. We have survived bigger catastrophes and calamities. We have faced larger tsunamis and earthquakes. We have experienced greater disasters and dooms. And, yet we have come out, stronger and smarter than before, taking the learning from these tragedies. So, Corona, your time is up, as now, collectively as a race, we are determined to overcome you!

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