There are 2 voices inside you the little voice or the chatter box and the higher voice or the conscience.Which one wins is the one you feed.


The blabber mouth is the continuous voice that keeps on murmuring in our minds. It’s so subtle that most of us do not even know about its presence. We can’t even acknowledge its presence. It is the voice of negativity that keeps driving us crazy. It holds the key to all our fears. It spells or heralds doom, disaster, dismay, scarcity and loss.


It has been present within us from a very small age, but because it is so silent we have not been able to recognise it.  There are some tell-tale signs or clues that hint towards its presence or that we are afflicted with it. The symptoms could be Anger, blaming others, complaining and criticizing, Envy, jealousy, joylessness, being judgemental, Irritation, lack of focus, obsessiveness, pain, self-pity, vindictive, in a state of limbo.


The blabber mouth or the Chatter Box states- the world outside of me is responsible for my state of mind my happiness or grief is determined by external factors.

The voice of conscience says- there is only one person on this earth which can make me happy and that is ‘Myself’. I can sculpt my own success.The Chatter Boxcreates procrastination an endless wait for a perfect partner, perfect job, perfect health. The higher voice or the voice of conscience states ‘I have the power to create my own life. I can create a life of my dreams, can figure out my own goals, set my strategies and given the time and commitment, achieve anything in life.

The chatterbox or the little voice says i have no choice over my reactions to theexternal environment, but the voice of conscience says. I have umpteen number of choices. I can have multitude of responses to a given situation. I can evoke a different emotion by just closing my eyes and imagining to be cool or reactive, humorous or vindictive, sad or happy, dull or excited in a given situation. I can feel miserable or contented. I can visualize lack or Abundance. I choose the way how I feel and react.


Once the role of the Chatter Box is established, we have to find a remedy to switch it off from playing havoc with our lives. But unfortunately, these are no definitive, sure shot ways to turn it off, onlyit can be replaced with a higher voice or the voice of conscience. When it comes in, the chatter box goes away. It’s just like the light of the day putting an end to the darkness of the night. When the voice of conscience dawns, it shoe’s away the blabber mouth. We shouldn’t be living with the enemy even if its within us. An African Proverb say if there’s no enemy on the inside, the enemy outside can do us no harm.

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