Are we prepared to make this year, a year of change, transformation, mastery, and accomplishment? The accomplishment of what we have been hoping and aspiring for; a realisation of our dreams and desires and what really and truly matters to us. Are we ready to take on the impossible this year; at least what our mind considers as impossible?

A Persian adage says, ‘this too shall pass’. Undeniably, as previous years have gone by, this one too would go. Whether we can make the most of our achievements or as the yesteryears, this year also ends up lacklustre and unexciting, depends on us.

Whether this year is happening, or meaningless and unfulfilled like the past, is contingent upon us.

What’s stopping us?

According to all known laws of aviation, a bee should not be able to fly; its wings are too small and body too large. It’s not possible to get that fat body off the ground with those tiny, fragile wings. But the bees fly, anyway. Because they don’t care, they don’t give a damn about ‘impossible’. They love to fly and do so with no qualms.

Then why, we as gifted and endowed human beings, don’t try our hands at things we love and cherish. And even if we undertake them, why is it that our outcomes suck? It’s because we don’t believe in ourselves, we don’t think that’s possible.

Our attitudes, actions, approach, behaviours, beliefs, and efforts are restrained, lukewarm, and half-hearted.

“Half-hearted attempts invariably produce half-baked results.”

Who’s the robber? 

In a school race, the student who came second was happier than the winner. Why? Because he spared no effort in reaching the finish point. He placed all his strength, stamina, and energy into running the race. He went all out for the finish line; so, had no regrets about the outcome.

While the candidate who won the race wasn’t very pleased with himself. Because he had reserved a part of his potential while running, he was primarily interested in winning the event, outclassing the rival; not excelling at the game, or creating a record for himself, or be the best expression of himself.

Admittedly, whenever we are not performing a task with full enthusiasm and charge; whenever we are not challenging ourselves, we are cheating, deceiving and fooling ourselves. We are like a thief, a liar in our own house.

And what could be worse than robbing ourselves?

Complacency ends Creativity.

Once, Nokia and Blackberry were at a peak in the mobile market, thinking and feeling that they have the best of the products and technology. They were the leaders in their field─ the invincible, the undefeated, the undisputed heavy-weight champions in their category. They stopped innovating, creating and challenging themselves.

In came the iPhone, challenging their supremacy with its simple app-based state-of-the-art design, and both of them went for a toss. So much so that their existence almost got wiped out of the industry. To this day, they could not regain their lost ground.

It won’t be an overstatement if I say:

Complacency puts an end to the creativity, that leads to the collapse of any organisation. It doesn’t matter whether it’s big or small.

What gives the zing to our Life?

Folks, what makes us delighted? Staying at the basic, primary or rudimentary level, or when we decide to create history, set examples, and reach for the pinnacles. Does it not feel heroic when everyone is saying that this or product cannot be improved or that record cannot be broken, and we still resolve to challenge the status quo.

We always know on the inside whether we have taken our best shot at something or not. The reward that comes from going that extra mile, or working one notch up, or reaching the next level translates into an incredible growth in any field.

May it be our health, wealth and relationships, the incentive that comes from stretching ourselves is that heightened sense of satisfaction, what we call gratification.

It’s just like bodybuilding. We get a gain in muscle mass, by doing that one additional rep, where we have to challenge our body and mind to do the impossible. The real growth lies in that exhausting moment.

How to achieve what we have missed in 2020!

Friends 2020 means double twenty. It stands for doubling up on everything in Life. It means doubling up our passion, purpose, and all things that mean and matter to us. And to have it all, we need to double up our risk-taking and strengthening of our beliefs. We have to get past our fears, anxieties, and apprehensions.

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” ─ Arthur C. Clarke.

To create the results, we can be proud of; we mustn’t spare even an iota of effort. We have to make a conscious, deliberate and determined effort to challenge the impossible! Because the real growth, evolution and happiness lie in there. After all, impossible stands for the way we perceive it ─Impossible, or I Am possible!

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