Trapped within every child is a leader. He is born to excel, to lead & to create. He has the talent & potential to build his life in his own unique unmatched style. He has the ability to choose a career of his choice & make a mark in that field. He is a masterpiece creation by himself. But the environmental influences, the upbringing mistakes tarnish & corrode his personality. Inadvertent sufferings through rejection, ridicule & jeering at the hands of peers, parents or mentors leave an indelible mark on his impressionable mind. He is confused, perplexed & indecisive as a result of these influences. His self-worth & self-confidence are sent for a toss. He is unsure of himself, his actions & his choices. The rising anxiety levels, the onset of psychosomatic illness like depression, shyness, sleeplessness, gastric upsets, skin afflictions at an early age point more towards the disease of the mind than the body. Such behaviours if allowed to stay for long can have detrimental consequences. Needn’t to mention the addictions to alcohol & drugs or the suicidal tendencies amongst the present generations.

We as parents feel that we are doing our best by fulfilling all the material needs of our kid. We are sending them to the best of the schools, coaching institutes, buying them the best of the clothes & shoes, providing the latest gadgets to study & vehicles to drive. But, not understanding that the child needs much more at the ground level, at the psychological level today than these comforts. He needs a direction for his life & a belief in his own self & decisions. He needs a purpose & vision for his life. This 4 hours workshop aims at doing exactly the same – at identifying the trapped leader within every child. Its purpose is to overcome the “limitation mentality” acquired from the past & transition to the “limitless mindset” in the present.

The objectives of Workshop are
1. To boost the self-esteem of the child

2. To identity his career & goals in an unbiased way based on his inclinations

3. To reinforce the “I can do it “attitude

4. To develop focus & concentration naturally by working on his passion

5. To curtail procrastination & acquire the do it now mentality

6. To feel & use the power of words & affirmations in achievement

7. To cultivate a solution mindset, rather than a Problem mindset

8. To shift from feeling orientation to action orientation

9. To understand the importance of choosing the right friends, relationships & communication with parents, peers & mentors

10. To be farsighted, think long term & the role of self-discipline & perseverance in becoming successful.

Through a series of talks laden with examples, clich├ęs & anecdotes, all the aforesaid principles would be instilled in the psyche of the child. This would be supplemented by exercises to identify the erroneous zones, the grey areas in a child, followed by action exercises to overcome them naturally & effortlessly. Overall, the recipe of success would be shared & reinforced in the child through friendly interactions, discussions & affirmations.

Guaranteed – In just 4 hours, whether it is becoming a doctor, engineer, chartered accountant or a dancer, singer, sports person “impossible” would transform to “I am possible ” for a child after the workshop!

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