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Let Cycling be the New Religion!

The bicycle is in vogue today and the cycling fever up and brimming. We see

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Corona, you were meant for the animals─ the bats and snakes. You were doing

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Clarity initiates success!

A clear picture of our dreams and desires is quintessential to accomplishing

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Voice of Conscience: The Medical Prespective

The positive side of the medical profession is that it provides for health,

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Thinking and Acting: Striking the perfect balance.

If wishes were horses, everyone would ride − the statement is true beyond a

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Ease up and let go: This to shall pass!

We may do innumerable activities in a day, some with enthusiasm and others with

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Stirring behavioural change: Precisely what we experience is ours.

Whatever we are going through at the moment is only ours. The perception

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Let action rule over emotion

    Our feelings are of no consequence to the world, as long as they

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Early to bed & Early to Rise…makes a person healthy, wealthy & wise.

Sound sleep is the best form of rejuvenation for the body & the mind. The

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Add That 3rd Dimension

According to the WHO definition of health, if we are lagging in any of the

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Life is a game of choices. There is no escape from decisions, you have no other

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