An old age saying says “If wealth is gone, something is gone, if health is gone something is gone & if character is gone, everything is gone”. But, I stand to reason how will one keep up the character if the body is gone. Our foremost aim should be a healthy body & then all the attributes, riches & pleasures of the world can be kept &enjoyed.
A strong constitution is nature’s ultimate blessing. But so many of us take it for granted, we keep abusing our stoic physiques with our haphazard lifestyles & habits. Our work hours are erratic, our eating & sleeping habits in complete disarray. We lead a life of total indiscipline & irregularity. And eventually get afflicted with diseases. The erratic lifestyle takes its toll on our bodies & we are left with nothing but regret & remorse for our past misdeeds.
Longevity by itself is a reward & is achievable through a philosophy of healthy living. Moderation being the mantra, all efforts be made to prevent overindulgence, whether it is work or food or fun. We automatically receive signals from within when the system is starting to go haywire. Our folly is giving a deaf ear to the alarm bells & letting the life roll by, till the water reaches overboard. Our motto must be health as a Numerouno proposition, with all other activities designed around it.
The corrections have to be made at the very earliest in order to prevent any form of permanent damage to our systems. The daily habits & rituals must be in sync with our body types. The food habits should be in tune with our nature or ‘Prakriti”. The role of regular exercises, meditations & practice of awareness & mindfulness cannot be overemphasised. Establishing the right practices before the defence mechanisms weakens & the immunity starts to give way is the rule of the game.
OurPsychology too is a by-product of our Physiology. A sick man confined to bed is less optimistic than an ambulatory person moving his body- “Motion overcomes Emotion”.Swami Vivekananda has rightly said “In a healthy body resides a healthy mind”. The attitude towards life is positive when one is in the pink of his health. Our acceptance of the challenges in life is easier & our determinations to overcome stronger. In all health is the real wealth. If we have it, we can create Abundance for ourselves & the world we live in.

The programme aims at-
1. Cultivating a healthy mindset
2. Identification of one’s body type
3. Living a life around ones Prakriti
4. Eating the right Foods at the right time
5. Inculcating the importance of Sleep Wake cycle
6. Imbibing a culture of Exercise &Physical labour
7. Establishing Meditation &Mindfulness as a religion
8. Uniting the Mind, Body & Soul through Yogic practices & Breathing techniques
9. Expressing thankfulness for our various body parts & organs
10. Healing the diseased & decaying bodies through lifestyle changes.

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