Add That 3rd Dimension

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According to the WHO definition of health, if we are lagging in any of the three areas of our lives — physical, mental or spiritual, we are unhealthy. A lack of coherence between the three is root cause of our misery. The hectic pace of life today & our highly aspirational mindset has created a work-life imbalance which is taking a toll on our physical & mental health. And, our shying away from prayer, meditation & self-introspection has caused a loss of the third dimension i.e. Spirituality.

Dr Deepak Arora Mental self

We have ruined our lives with our own hands. Our physical & mental self, wish to have all the pleasures at the drop of a hat. They are looking at momentary short-term gains. Possession of materialistic objects like a luxury car, a big house, a fat pay cheque seems to be their only yardstick of success. But as long as working has not been done on growing one’s intellectual & corporal self, such achievements remain empty & elusive. Even if we have them, we tend to lose interest & enjoyment in the same within no time. It has been seen that lottery winners become bankrupt within one year or worse that what they were prior to winning the lottery.

While working must be done to develop our physical & mental faculties, for life to have true significance the third aspect needs to be explored & discovered. It is the addition of spirituality that delivers meaning & purpose, which is missing from our lives. We need to decide & settle our physical & mental urges through practices of self-assessment, self-awareness & self-actualization.

Dr Deepak Arora Motivational self-awareness & self-actualization.

For accomplishments in the materialistic world to be meaningful, we must pay the price in full & pay it in advance in the inner world. We have to delve deeper to find our values & ideals & then create & design a lifestyle around them. We must know & find ourselves before knowing others, before foraying on the journey outside. For the external world around us, would at best be a manifestation of our inner self, an outward extension of our inner third dimension.

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