Today, the need for approval is the most prevalent form of hunger after physical hunger.Most of our behaviours brim from our latent desire for acceptanceby others.We need a receipt from others for our daily routines.The scripting for the entire day is written on other people’s acceptance. Thehigher the need of approval for every word utteredoract committed, the greater one is at the mercy of the other person’s acceptance or rejection.
Whilst, the other being is a very complex organism who isseeing the world through his pair of lenses.He is a totally unique & highly evolved person whose nature is a consequence of where he was born &brought up i.e. the environment &surroundings of his formative years. His personality is an outcome of all the experiences he has gone through at the hands of the world.He has his own whims&fancies, fears, attitudes & reactions to life’s situations. He’s is seeing the world through the colour of the glasses he’s wearing.
So,basing one’s actions on the other person’s approval or rejection is a big mistake.His reactions are completely individualistic, planted in his mindset because of his programming of the past. An obsessivedependenceon other human’s reactions & expecting them to be favourable every time around is like living in a fool’s paradise.The wish to control all circumstances, people and events in one’s life is the main cause of all modern-day ailments like worry, anxiety, insomnia, depression& stress.The first step towards avoiding them ishaving absolute self-acceptance & self-belief in one’s actions. While, at the same time, a through acceptance&approvalof other person’s actions and reactions or accepting him the way he is.
Don’t ever fall in the trap of giving up one’s individuality for the sake of others. Don’t perform merely to fit in the tribe or the clan. Don’t give in to wants & expectations of others, you are as much answerable to yourself, as they are to themselves.Have your vision and goals right in front of you and then live your day in accordance withthem.Have faith & belief in your own Karma &Dharma &its fire would relinquish this need of acceptance from others.
Determining your big goal pavesthe way for self-acceptance. Having a definitive purpose in life eliminates the need for a nod from others. Then the deeds are based on the need for fulfilment of purpose. The sanctity of the mission overcomes every obstacle in the way, may it be human rejection or objection. The purpose driven person isn’t bothered by miniscule disapprovals of his actions, on the contrary he continues to strike & hammer his intentions in face of all rejections. He looks for the silver lining through the cloud in every human interaction. His personal leadership &motivation is the key to mastery over every human emotion, whether his own or that of others.

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