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He believes in creating smiles on the faces of people

Dr. Deepak Arora : Motivational Speaker, Author, Life coach.

Dr Deepak Arora believes that self-management is Life management. And that clarity, focus and a positive attitude are the pre-requisites for reaching one’s highest potential. It all begins with the identification of “Who am I” and “What am I here for,” or discovering one’s passion and purpose, before embarking on the voyage of life. And based on that, framing a mission and vision for oneself—clarity followed up by commitment—would lead to fulfilment in life.

He believes that practices of meditation and mindfulness help to identify one’s real self. And that, leading a life based on the Yogic practices and Ayurvedic teachings, could enhance the quality of one’s life.  He considers an amalgamation of the western practises of positive psychology and eastern philosophies of spirituality as the panacea for the body and mental ailments afflicting our society today.  Based on his ingenious 7M concept, he is coming up with a centre for holistic health and healing by the end of 2021.

He is voluntarily running a Green & Clean India campaign from his city. He is an avid Marathon runner. His YouTube channel is an extension of his ideas & philosophy—to inspire the masses through videos, meditations, affirmations, seminars & talks. He has also penned down a few inspiring songs & sung them. His song “Bhartiya Nari” extolling the virtues of Indian woman is widely appreciated on the YouTube.

His vision is to help the humanity discover its gift and calling.

Our Mission

We practice utmost integrity & honesty in conducting our workshops, seminars & talks. Our purpose is to deliver quality motivation to our clients, enabling them to excel in their businesses, careers, academics, or relationships. Our every session would be enriching and energizing to the participants, and our inspiration long lasting & enduring. We believe in providing the most innovative content, delivered in a simple yet holistic way to ensure easy learning for one and all.

We wish to transform every fibre of your being. In that vein, we strive to share the best and the latest with you, put our heart and soul into every assignment, and use all our energy to create something memorable out of our meeting. Our ultimate joy lies in seeing you reach the pinnacles of your ambitions. WE CONSPIRE TO INSPIRE……ENDLESSLY



Addressing Doctors/Administration on Yoga Day

Talk on Time Management at MMU Sadhopur

A talk on “Importance of Self-confidence ” at PKR Jain, Vatika.

“Positive thinking & Motivational Counselling” at Cecil Convent

“Judgement Day” at Police DAV

“Maximize your Productivity in Dentistry” Workshop at Chandigarh

“Addressing a Zonal Sports Meet”

“Keynote Motivational Speech at Punjab University, Chandigarh”

A Talk on “GOAL POWER” at College of Architecture, MMU.

Leadership Workshop at Jindal Consortium

A sporting event with 3000 participants.

 “WALKATHON AMBALA 2018- Ek Kadam Shahidon Ke Naam”

“Testing the Grit” with Half & Full Marathons


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