rtx 3090 undervolt mining

Freq - 1867 ; Temp 66c ; 60.7fps, Afterburner: 1785Mhz@825mV / PR Scr 12,645 / Avg. I changed from the TUF OC to the STRIX OC. What I and I'm sure many noticed is that it is all. Just curious what other undervolters are doing with their FEs, and maybe see if there's an opinion that I could personally do something better. On 6/3/2021 at 3:40 PM, BetteBalterZen said: Upgrading from my very outdated gaming laptop. I do, however, want to hit +99% in framerate stability. Please check out. Get Amplified with the ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 30 Series based on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture. Make sure to use mining client that support 100% unlock. You have already briefly seen the values of the TUF 3090. You must log in or register to reply here. I recently purchased a Palit RTX 3090 GamingPro which is running very hot and the fans are maxed out. That just seems unrealistic but I'd love to be wrong haha. You must log in or register to reply here. But 99.9% sure you won't be gaming or doing stresstest @2000MHz with only 0.7mV on the core. At 2200RPM I can hear my 3090 but it really isn't loud at all. The problem I am having is the fans are particularly loud - when the core is running at 83C which is the hard limit set on the card, the fans are running at 100% which equates to 4000RPM so it sounds like a jet engine. Lose all my peripherals and displays but the computer is still on, once sent to warranty they say the issue didnt occur, Time Spy ST: 98.8% 330-340W Stable frequency, Port Royal ST: 99.6% 340-350W Stable frequency, Pure RT: 34.5 FPS 360-370W Stable-ish frequency (some drops to 1785MHz), Time Spy ST: 99.4% 350-370W Stable frequency, Pure RT: 34.3 FPS 370-375W Unstable frequency (1740-1815MHz). My system at the time of benchmark: 8700K @4.3GHz, 32GB 3600MHz CL16 RAM, no Resizeable BAR (my motherboard does not support it). RTX 3080 / 3090 Undervolting | 100W Less = Same Performance? Does it matter where you start from, like how much you bring the slider down before selecting your mV/freq? I will test it later when I put hdd water block on backplate. Temps could be better and other then bumping Memory, have left pretty much all at stock other then custom fan curve. Runs well at max 1910-1920 with gpu boost doing it's thing. Im a little confused why you would buy a 3090 and then not use the extra performance over the 3080? We previously reviewed the company's SSD, the Neo Forza eSports NFP075 and today we will take a look at its high performance Faye DDR4-4600 2x16GB dual channel kit RAM. But I went ahead and tested my undervolt, 1800MHz with 800MV, on Heaven (I'll probably have to move the voltage up a notch or two still for full stability) with different fan speeds: - Way too loud for me (on a Meshify C just besides my monitor), - Acceptable loud, but I'd rather have it quieter, - Just loud enough to be barely perceptible over my case fans. Not that you could just take their word for it IDK. NCSGeek NiceHash is the leading platform for mining and trading cryptocurrencies. And I was able to hit 35.28 by maxing out the powerslider while using my undervolt. When Heavenfreezes or crashes, I bump up the voltage a tiny bit, until Heaven doesn't freeze or crash. But after seeing Optimum Tech being able to hit 1800MHz with 806mV and 1850MHz with 850mV, I'm wondering if anyone else is able to hit those undervolts aswell? Freq - 1,774 ; Temp 68c ; 59fps, Afterburner: 1815MHz@850mV / PR Scr 12,965 / Avg. max many times up to 60, not using full gpu power anyhow happy finally. then you have the most insane god-tier golden sample silicon chip I have ever seen. Since every card is different I will mainly show you how to do it on your own card. Gonna keep sneaking it down a little more. From what Ive read you can set the voltage around 800 900 mV for the RTC 3080 and 750 800 mV for the RTX 3090. In the end you should set the volate to a value, test it with stress test-software, if it works possibly lower it a bit more and so on. The RTX 3090 should have like 125Mh/s on the algorithm DaggerHashimoto. Please remember that any mention of competitors, hinting at competitors or offering to provide details of competitors will result in an account suspension. It may not display this or other websites correctly. 133xx PR. rodilool By Testing RTX 3090 - Undervolting, Underclocking and Lowering GDDR6X Temps Humble Hardware with JimRPG 15.7K subscribers Subscribe 9.4K views 1 year ago Make sure to check Part 1 of this video (. Best PR score I can achieve without tweaking the OS and stuff is 13680, 2010MHz @906mV. My temps are usually around 65 to 70 on core, around 82 to 90 on memory depending on game. You are using an out of date browser. I undervolt my 3080 to 0.9V at 1920MHz. It's easy! Started 55 minutes ago This isnt anything new either and has been done both to GPUs and CPUs to helt them with thermals although I think it still isnt as knows as overclocking. GPU core temp sitting at around 80C, memory 90C, hotspot 100C. Damn thing still whines like a jet engine though. hey guys, what are good Pure RT and superposition settings to test undervolts? In order for a 3080 to match the performance of a 3090, the 3080 needs a greater power draw and temperature all things being equal. What you want to do is choose a lower voltage than the one you saw in GPU-Z and then set the frequency to the value you saw when running GPU-Z earlier. Sorry that it seems like I want to try and find the "Whyit isn't true". rkunati :) I did confirmed actual clockrates , not mhz setuped in MSI afterburner. Hey folks! If you loose to much performance, increase frequency and voltage a step and try again. JavaScript is disabled. AMDs Radeon RX 7900 XT GPU in free fall? I thought I knew what was normal. FTW3 has a mix of. The Nvidia 3000 series cards tend to have high memory temperatures, so it is important to take care of proper cooling. This shows you the clock frequency at various voltages. I would like to achieve lower temperatures so I don't have to put up with this loud noise until I install the custom loop. 2nd hand market can be a crapshoot sometimes. Will that be enough against the Stock Gigabyte card with 370Watt power limit? Sign up for a new account in our community. I didn't think this was possible. I already searched in some mining communitys but seems like no one really is mining with this GPU . 12734 with my zotac 3090 trinity. MOBO: ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-G GAMING (Wi-Fi) | CPU: Intel Core i7-10700K @5GHz + Corsair H100x | GPU: ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 3080 Ti OC LC @2GHz | RAM: G.SKILL TridentZ RGB @3600MHz, CL16-16-16-36| SSD: Samsung EVO Plus 1TB,Samsung EVO Plus 1TB, Crucial MX500 2TB, Crucial MX300 1.05TB | PSU: Corsair HX1200i | CASE: HYTE Y60 (White/Black)|MONITOR:SamsungOdyssey G9 @5120x1440p, 240Hz, Samsung CRG9 @5120x1440p, 120Hz. Actually so much, that I had to increase the powerslider in Afterburner, to keep the 1815MHz from my undervolt. If the Time Spy Stress Test have a framerate stability of 97.5% and up, it will complete the stress test successfully. My 3070 will not go under 706mv with any load applied. It seems to be throttling because on some games the core clock is running at 1920MHz but it drops to 1545MHz on Heaven however on the manufacturers page states these specs: Did you get a decent deal on eBay? Feels like golden sample. Why undervolt? Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Pro WiFi: Is Midrange AORUS Right For Your Next Build? Explain the issue with as much information as possible. The card combines NVIDIA's top-dog RTX 3090 GPU with 24 GB of GDDR6X memory, the latest IceStorm 2.0 cooling solution, and Spectra 2 ARGB illumination. But isnt the Kingpin vBIOS like hidden from the public? StickyPC Started 39 minutes ago What about mem clock? The most advanced Linux crypto mining OS packed with everything you need to get started. I shouldn't have opened its box. 3090 Ti Ergo Mining Setting The RTX 3090 Ti provides 274 Mh/s hashrate on Ergo with a power consumption of 264 watts. I was interested in undervolting but if I do so would I lose a lot of FPS? On 2/19/2021 at 4:45 AM, BetteBalterZen said: On 3/1/2021 at 1:34 AM, BetteBalterZen said: Pure RayTracing benchmark by MARvizer (itch.io), Upgrading from my very outdated gaming laptop. Are you sure it is locked at only 0.7mV? If this is the case then Im going to do more testing. :oops: yeah, haha, but it's not working properly. Hello! Oh and btw; can't you just send the FTW3 back and get a refund? My results are very similar to you. Started 40 minutes ago Started 28 minutes ago Maybe I should try to tomorrow and see how far my card will go on auto, with the powerlimit set to max - kinda curious what the temps will be, and were the clockspeed will settle. Watch a Video on youtube how to use msi afterburner and how to lock your clock speed, here are my settings for my 3090 msi suprim x clock locked to 1155mhz memory overclocked to 10802mhz volt 725mV temp GPU 49 C temp memory junction 94 to 98C power limit 72 % fan speed 85% driver 461.40 = power draw 300W 122.41 MH/s just play around it could be Hi I have rtx 3090 Msi Suprim X, bought in April 2021. I will report back with results. The cuve is different in kp bios. Linus Media Group is not associated with these services. Editor-in-chief and name-giver of igor'sLAB as the content successor of Tom's Hardware Germany, whose license was returned in June 2019 in order to better meet the qualitative demands of web content and challenges of new media such as YouTube with its own channel. Keep in mind this is on a msi gaming x trio with dedicated memory cooling heat pipes. Posted in Networking, By Bonnouji Freq - 1812 ; Temp 65c ; 60fps, Afterburner: 1905MHz@850mV / Port Royal Score CRASH, Afterburner: 1965MHz@850mV / Port Royal Score CRASH, Afterburner: 1845MHz@850mV / PR Scr 13,042 / Avg. I'd like to compare with my results. I've heard people get slightly better scores with custom 12pin cables and no adapter, I'm receiving a custom cable soon will check whether it makes a difference. My 3090 can't do that, and it's a shame, because Optimum Tech reports his 3090 draws 71 watt less at 1800MHz using 806mV and that'spretty good. So I just tried running Heaven with everything on Auto with the power limit cranked to the max. Thought I'd head back to this thread and mention this awesome test/benchmark. I have MSI 3090 SUPRIM X Settings: Undervolt at .825 PL: 67 Memory - 200 Fan: 80 % Hash rate 99 Mh/s Memory junction 102 - 104 degrees centigrade Any ideas to optimise this? I had a 3080 TUF that, according to my old notes, was stable at 1800MHz and 837mV. Also my 3090 is on water and is around 30c at 0.7v, if you are on air is not going to hit it. 1TbSamsung Evo M.2/ 2TbSamsung QVO/ 1TbSamsung Evo780/ 120gbKingston Now, LG 65UN85006LA 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa, Thermaltake CoreX71 Limited Edition Etched Tempered Glass Door, [url=https://valid.x86.fr/gtle1y][img]https://valid.x86.fr/cache/banner/gtle1y-6.png[/img][/url], Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Master / HP 83A3 (U3E1), Noctua NH-U12A 2 fans + Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Extreme + 5 case fans / Fan, 32GB DDR5 Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 6000MHz CL36 / 8GB DDR4 HyperX CL13, MSI RTX 2070 Super Gaming X Trio / Intel HD620, Samsung 980 Pro 1TB + 970 Evo 500GB + 850 Pro 512GB + 860 Evo 1TB x2 / Samsung 256GB M.2 SSD, 23.8" Dell S2417DG 165Hz G-Sync 1440p / 14" 1080p IPS Glossy, Be quiet! Started 48 minutes ago System sudden fails when I run game or open high resolution image. Mine is a tad lower but I left the GPU fans on auto, with the latest Resizable BAR BIOS, and I also have an air-cooled 5950X on stock. basically, anything over 0.83 volts will not save you any power and heat in games that use full raytracing. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Reset everything and then start by lowering the clock frequency about 250 -280 MHz. Posted in Troubleshooting, By We of course do not want this so now it is time to create a better curve that will allow the card to clock down but still not go over the set voltage. Thanks. The GPU core temperature might still be very low, but the memory chips (with separate different sensors) are overheating. Built with enhanced RT Cores and Tensor Cores, new streaming multiprocessors, and superfast GDDR6X memory, the ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3090 Trinity OC gives rise to the amplified gaming experience with ultra graphics fidelity. I can't reach that magical 121 MH/s rate other people are having with a 3090 card. I would describe my cooling as relatively good. By increasing the powerslider to 137%, my 3090 was able to stay at 1815MHz at all times. The watts will still go up to 350. Control/Odyssey (booth some hours) and 6hrs timespy stable. When I first tried, I crashed at 825 (iirc) around 1800'ish mhz, can't remember exactly where I had it, but definitely in that ballpark, if not right at 1800. Pretty sure there is a topic for 3000 series on undervoltaging. I sim race on f1 2022 - max settin- rt reflections on cars medium - avr. It is on tpu, and it works fine on strix only problem is that one hdmi port is not working. My curve is set to1800mhz at 800mv. Some also say that the cooler also keeps the VRAM cooler (which causes the GPU to run a tad hotter), but I see the same overall 94C for the VRAM too. I used 2560x1440p and Pro(highest) settings, and got an average of 35.28 FPS. After 65c it feels going unstable. I was just pleased that I was getting higher FPS than stock, and better temps to be honest. I would like to further undervolt my RTX 3070 to test out the maximum efficiency. I rolled up the sleeves and got down to tweaking, it seems pretty stable at 1800MHz with 800mV. It's very interesting indeed Hi Posted in Troubleshooting, Linus Media Group Apply the curve using the apply button on the main afterburner window. The idea is to put as much load on the card as possible. Bonnouji RTX 3080 overclock and undervolt for mining + 132MH/s on a Single 3090 OC Settings #MiningStory - YouTube Here I show you, how I install, and setup my 3080 in my mining rig. I seriously hope it's true. What I saw better undervolt results had the guys from end 2020 and batches from March and later were cards with lower silicon quality in most cases, just luck I know. Well, my card is around 35c at idle too, so it's kinda close. The elmor evc2 is what I use to control the onboard voltage controllerdirectly. So I just settled in with 850mV and 1815MHz. Open voltage/frequency curve (Ctrl+F) then note the maximum frequency at the right of the curve. Wut, is that stable??? Vinicio but I don't really know how to do so and i'd love some help. happy to compare results too. I seem to be stable but not wanting to run into problems when ray tracing is introduced. The Neo Forza brand is a relatively new player in the DRAM memory modules and flash memory products that established in 2018. But first a few words about the settings and the models: The card runs in the Performance BIOS with 370 Watt and delivery state. My 3090 performs better than stock now. If you really are able to run 2000MHz at only 0.7mV in heavy 3D workloads, while also using only 50 watts. This test was carried out with stock settings i.e no undervolt etc - You can see a few things: Thing is, constantly hitting that hotspot high can slowly damage your card. My old CPU was 4790K. or they got sent a better binned card by nvidia for reviews. Well, my card is around 35c at idle too, so it's kinda close. Again. Connecting PCIe cables to GPU whilst PC is running ? Also, if your undervolt settings is just enough unstable to drop a frame or two in total under the full run, that could lower the score aswell of course. I changed from the TUF OC to the STRIX OC. Well, 50 watts does kinda makes sense with only 0.7mV 10%+ less than what others are selling the same card for? As you can see the whole curve is now further down. I have a Strix 3090 and it is just running on +100 on core and thus clocking in game aroud 2100Mhz I've tested undervolting extensively on my 3090fe using the afterburner custom curve method (look on YouTube, a few good guides around). Thanks! You flash the Strix Bios on your Ventus? My fan speed is 98-99. Started 9 minutes ago Is it important over the 97.5%? Both settings compete against the stock values of the Gigabyte Gaming OC with the newest driver. Should latest cards suffer more heat or power, that could be due to 'actual' loads and not on paper GB/s numbers. That's the part I don't quite understand the 'why' of. If you look at recent generations the card with the highest OC'd cores / memory is rarely the one with the highest fps. Started 9 minutes ago Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Aha, so you haven't tested 2000MHz at 0.7mV in games or stress tests? I first run Bright Memory: Infinite Ray tracing for at least 30 minutes while logging the data via GPU-Z. Even with the undervolt you still get a performance boost over the 3080. Anyhow great cards for hot box PC CASES I recommend 0.8v really even with lost mhz no prob. Silent Base 600 - Window / HP Pavilion, Panasonic SA-PMX94 / Realtek onboard + B&O speaker system / Harman Kardon Go + Play / Logitech G533, Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 750W / Powerbrick, Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Laser wireless / Logitech M330 wireless, RAPOO E9270P Black 5GHz wireless / HP backlit, Cinebench R23 (Single Core) 1936 @ stock Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 5900x | 32GB CL14 3600 | 3080 Trio X WC'd | Custom Loop | x570. But 99.9% sure you won't be gaming or doing stresstest @2000MHz with only 0.7mV on the core. The RTX 3090 is better if you need the extra VRAM for 4K gaming or other high-resolution applications. I have no clue how mining affects graphics cards. Now that you have the F/V Curve Editor. Hopefully my notation is clear enough. have you also observed that undervolting forces the card to draw more Amps instead and therefore even exceeding the set power limit (e.g: in afterburner the max limit was set to 123% but undervolting like 1030mV at 2050mhz made it reach 135% multiple times during an only 2 minute benchmark (the bright memory infinite one). Posted in CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory, By Funnily enough my super fast tests when I got my card back in November concluded that heavily undervolted ran it a few fps lower but shaved off 100w in draw. You already know the first article, but of course you can read it again here: GeForce RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 Undervolting When Reason and Experimentation Meet NVIDIA Ampere. Increase the frequency of the 800mv slider through the slider found in step 4, in 25mv increments, to +105MHz, but never exceeding the frequency found in step 3. Lets see if it works and we can beat the stock card! And would it even work on a ROG STRIX? I second new paste. As you can see in my screenshot, my card settled at 1875MHz @1.069V, with 460 Watt peaks: So I just tried running Heaven with everything on Auto with the power limit cranked to the max. Interested in how the 3080Ti boys end up when they are released next month. The RTX 3090 Ti hashrate is 135 MH/s on the Dagger Hashimoto-based miner. ive undervolted my Strix 3090 to 0.850 @ 1905 but i find my temps quite hot even with it, while playing some games like days gone, i have around 70c on core and 86c on memory, I game at 38401600, ive also put some heatsink and a fan on the backplate to cool vrm but not sure if it does something to be honest, I dont want to go on water for now or change thermal pads for warranty issues, Are thos ok temps for this gpu? are darnell nicole and ashley still friends 2020, division of criminal investigation south dakota, newcastle great park and ride test centre,

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