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New inlet design changed four-hole design to an eight-hole design for approximately 30% greater inlet flow area. of torque or tighten by hand plus a quarter turn. $31.95. Aircraft engines . Oil filter shortage, help requested. Does anyone know what's going on with the supply issues for Champion Oil Filters? The woman told me the outlook for champion filters is worse. Click here to view Champion Aerospace Product Catalog, Oil Filters vs Tempest Competitive Analysis, 1230 Old Norris Road It's hard for a smaller shop like us to do that, especially when we may not need that many cylinders of one model, we may need 10 different models worth of cylinders, Kuti explained. Transair have 35 in stock when I looked John Milner Fairly tolerant PPL/IR flying a TB 20 from Gloucestershire and Flyer Club member. This give us an extra layer of defense to help filter out smaller micron particles that may get past the filtration media. All sizes of replacement elements are packed 12 per case of a single part number in heavy, re-shippable corrugated-board cartons. Not sure what's going on, I have 3 filters backordered from Aircraft Spruce. It provides both surface and scientific depth filtration because the oil flows through many layers of locked-in fibers. A: Yes, all Tempest aviation oil filters use a magnet. Kuti reminisced that the most unusual repair theyve ever seen was cleaning concrete mix out of a sabotaged engine. I have a supply for aircraft oil and now keep two cases on hand, which I have never done before. Tempest 48104 Spin-Ez Oil Filter, Bulk Packaging . Join 110,000 readers each month and get the latest news and entertainment from the world of general aviation direct to your inbox, daily. Examination of the replaced filter noted some paint chips had been removed in the flange area. They do have a shelf life!! Location. I will never use the Tempest on account of that. I think that, with all the resources out there, and we're a pretty big country, and people have stuff on their shelves in places, so we end up being able to find stuff. I'm looking to restock myself (I only have one filter left) and hope to find a box of 6 available somewhere for a reasonable price. The Tempest has a nearly identical outer housing as the Champion. -POSTING RULES I still have one left on the shelf, but like to keep stock on all of my rotables. More than trying to get stuff, it has been trying to get stuff from the freight companies.. China has been in and out of full lock-down in various regions, Shipping out of China has been highly affected shipping industry, ship maintenance, is experiencing difficult times, Covid is still a tricky virus. Note: Tempests replacement recommendation is the same for both short and tall filters. Here is an article in KP regarding oil filter alternatives. For supply chain stuff, for us, we have so many avenues we can use to get parts. Paste as plain text instead, Every time I talk to them, they're getting back in the groove and able to start getting stuff done. We had a PT6 engine shipped to us and lost, if you can imagine that. China has a different type of vaccine by Sinovac. Using Tempest Originalfilters means no more frustration with installation nuts falling off.Improved By-Pass Valve for Continental Engines Meets TCM by-pass specificationof 12-14 psi, reducing risk of premature bypass that can result in unfiltered oil flowing to your engine. However, the 48108 series we tested has internal bypass, and we noted a distinct difference between the two brands. Kuti said theyre doing that quite a bit with customers, as it speeds up the process. Full Pleat Media The resin-impregnated, cellulosic, full pleat media is designed for uniform flow and collapse resistance. Announces Executive Leadership Changes, Kansas City Area Business Illegally Supplied Russians With Aviation Tech: Prosecutors, Saudi Arabia To Establish 15 New Plants for Medicines, Aircraft Parts, and Metal Forming. All of my usual sources for Tempest AA48110-2 filters are out of stock. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Part: CH48108-1 Categories: Aircraft Parts, Champion, Engine Parts, Oil Filters Tags: 43/4"H, Type 320, Type 340, Type 401, Type 402. These aircraft engine oil filters remove contaminants and particles, ensuring the oil stays clean and effectively lubricates and protects your engine. C180_guy offline Posts: 384 Joined: Wed Oct 01, 2014 3:56 am Kuti said there is a larger discrepancy between finding parts for newer engines compared to older ones. Thank you for your continued support. Please click here to email Champion Aerospace. buy those. All rights reserved. If you know you change your oil three times a year, have three oil filters. Upload or insert images from URL. According to Champions Kevin Gallagher, Champion feels that commercially available oil analysis services are a better way of monitoring engines for wear metals. Your link has been automatically embedded. As you pointed out in an earlier piece, with only an oil screen you can also help prevent excessive wear with shorter interval oil changes. The AA48109 may be used if clearance permits installation. Rick Junkin Id stroll that way and check out the drain pan and guess what Id find at probably 50% or better of the facilities? I wonder if anyone has a spare Tempest AA48108-2 Spin on oil filter or equivalent that they are willing to sell me. You really think we need move government intrusion for something that is of only a small benefit to the longevity of an engine??? to make room for add on safety items such as oil filters and stand-by vacuum pumps as well as things such as large air oil separators. The filter media surrounds a corrugated steel center support tube, which provides support for each convoluted pleat of filter media and adds significant protection from filter collapse-pressure failure, especially during cold-start engine conditions. Q: Is the AA48110-2 and AA48111 interchangeable? TempestDespite rumors that its built by a third party, the Tempest Original filter, which has a list price of $29.49, is manufactured by Aero Accessories in their own North Carolina plant. A: Height. Clay Elements - Protect fuel filtration systems and jet fuel by . Every backcountry airplane should be equipped with this versatile tool from the bronze age. There are many items that are standard today like an automatic transmission, but I remember the days when if you wanted an automatic transmission, you paid extra for it. The challenger oil filter system replaces your existing throw away filter. I learned this from a Cummins regional manager. I changed them at 5000 miles even back in the 80s. But once all that old stock that people have is depleted, you're really going to be left with trying to figure out the next move. It's the only wrench that can get between the top of the oil filter and the pressure pump to remove it. Located nearly 1,000 miles away in Waukesha, WI, Samuel Cryer, president of Plane Safe Aircraft Maintenance, may never have seen an engine full of concrete, but is otherwise experiencing similar issues as Kuti. Tempest's SPIN EZ filters are designed to come off easy. I don't think the economy's caught up with them yet. Plus, no other filters on the market have Champion's unique, resin-impregnated, full-pleat design 8.2 feet of layered protection for your engine. LauraJ Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter Joined Wow, glad I bought a box of 6 months ago. The OilEasy Wrench is specifically designed to remove the oil filter on any aircraft using the Continental IO-520, or IO-550 engine. Modern spin-on oil filters contain the element, incorporating the anti-drain back valve mechanism (and internal bypass valve 48108-1/48109-1), and are sealed in a disposable housing. I *think* the answer is obvious and that is really what the discussion should be centered around. It's not that we can't do them or won't do them, it's the parts are hard to get for them makes it very difficult to do them, he explained. Champion oil filters use resin-impregnated micronic filter media to trap all particles that may cause abnormal engine wear. Kuti says people are starting to plan ahead more and its advice hes recommending people follow. I also ways order 108-2s in 6 packs and they are all in individual bags but in a nice box. Some filters have an internal filter bypassa mechanical fail-safe pressure-valve that opens if oil flow through the filter element becomes restricted. Cryers other concern is fuel prices and hoping that theyll stabilize soon, or else he fears people may no longer find flying cost-effective. The effectiveness of the filtering media is measured in porosity, and its said that the average porosity of aviation oil filters is 40 microns. But there's another crisis on the horizon for the aviation industry: "increasing pressure coming from climate change. Feb 27, 2012. CH48110-1 | Champion Aerospace Aircraft Spin-On Oil Filter | Textron Aviation CH48110-1 FILTER OIL Unit of Measure: EA ECCN: 9A991 Weight: 1.38 Pounds Packaged Weight: 1.48 Pounds Dimensions : 4.48 (H) Inches Packaged Dimensions : 3.85 (L) x 5.9 (W) x 3.9 (H) Inches DESCRIPTION Champion Aerospace Aircraft Spin-On Oil Filter Height: 4.48" Hex: 1.00" I'm not sure why that is, he said. (Specifically a AA48108-2 filter), https://transair.co.uk/aircraft-and-air 08-spin-on, https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00 UTF8&psc=1, Aviation Photography & Videos (including vlogs), Flying Foodies' Forum (was Music & Musicians). A: Yes, please see the attached Letter of Engineering Concurrence. By Mohit Oberoi, CFA. I have also noticed that "sales" on oil and filters don't seem to be as good as before either. Stock up. Please click here to email Champion Aerospace. Even under abnormal oil temperatures and pressures, this primary part of the filter ensures freedom from troublesome oil leakage when installed per instructions printed on the case. Tempest brand products are manufactured by Aero Accessories, LLC. It may also depend on which brand of filter is currently on the engine. I've been using AA48108-2 filters on my IO470, and they seem to filter. Today. For more than five decades, active and dedicated aircraft owners and pilots have turned to AVIATION CONSUMER to answer their most important buying questions. https://www.kjmagnetics.com/products.as 40&scri=65, http://www.championaerospace.com/assets 07-001.pdf, Return to Maintenance, Tuning, and Parts Support, Family Float Flying: Our Journey To Adventure, The Ultimate Boundary Waters Bush Flying Platform, Flying to Extremes: Memories of a Northern Bush Pilot, Water Dog The Amphibious Aviat Husky A-1C. They also maintain Rotax engines and some turbines. Please refer to FAA or engine/airframe/propeller manufacturers parts listing for approved part numbers for each application. Then we have the bog roll bandits of the oil filter world that learned of this and who bought a box of 6 or 12 (enough for 3-6 years for a normal use aircraft) in a panic buy scenario - you end up with the current situation. Further, the parts shortage is requiring additional time by fight school owners to manage the business, given the extra effort needed to regularly check tracking numbers for parts arrivals and keep a closer eye on inventory in general. We talked with several mechanics who simply didnt have a particular brand loyalty to either manufacturers filter. Thanks for the offer! to donate fast. A full flow oil filter is part of the protection from that. Oil filter inspection is probably the single most important tool for monitoring the health of a piston aircraft engine. Spin-on oil filters from Champion and Tempest share basic characteristics. Even if you only get half of what you need, you're halfway there at least.. I think I read that Tempest has magnets but don't remember seeing any when I cut it open the other day. At your next filter change - UPGRADE to Tempest's patent-pending "non-sticking" SPIN EZ aircraft engine oil filters. Adding more things behind the engine can change the airflow and effect cooling of the engine or accessories as well increasing the chances for failure. Expecting some in September, but already back ordered. Champion says its gasket design helps prevent stress cracking. Q: Is the AA48103-2 and AA48104 interchangeable? I guess Ive just about beaten this subject to death, but Dennis there is one more very important point Id like to make if I may. Lack of a full flow oil filter will not cause sudden failure of an engine, but instead under some conditions *may* allow accelerated wear of bottom end components such as bearings and cam. I have spoken with Superior Air Parts and Lycoming, both of them are doing all they can to get more production done. Our world here at Plane Safe has been absolutely busy. They say they should be available Oct 24th. So we absolutely need to recover from this crisis in aviation, and at the same time we'll have . . This brings me to your statement An oil filter can mean the difference between getting to your destination safely and experiencing a catastrophic engine failure. How could this be if we experienced what I mentioned above? Kuti continued that because the big distributors are putting in a $100,000 worth of orders each month to keep up with their and their customers needs, it creates a backlog for shops like Pinnacle whose parts needs are different. In 2014, it doesnt. JDGreen-n-Yellow . https://www.kitplanes.com/a-permanen2022%2F10%2F18, https://vansairforce.net/community/sd.php?t=210564. Champion Aerospace distributes Champion spin-on and element filters. Cryer too is often on the hunt for parts. But unique to the Tempest design is a by-pass valve safety containment cap. The magnet attracts fine particles, but not at such a high rate as to overload it, at least in a normally running engine, between regular filter changes, said Tempests Tim Henderson. Many of the small Continentals are operated that way in order to avoid the additional weight of an oil filter assembly and the fact that there arent any really clean oil filter installations for the A series engines. 2727 18 Comments 2 Shares Share One of the best things aircraft owners can do to ensure long engine life is to run the . LONDON, Feb 10 (Reuters) - Global supplies of diesel are dwindling as refiners struggle to keep pace with rapid post-pandemic demand recovery, exacerbating an acute global energy shortage which. The strain on the supply chain and customer trends are changing the way maintenance is being planned for and performed. A: Always refer to the engine manufacturers recommendation. We have to hunt pretty much every day for parts, he continued. Then, the pricing for a specific configuration would begin, which can be a rather extensive program, assisting them in their choice offuel systems such ascarburetors, fuel injector, magnetos, starters, etc. Powder coated finish for durability, making Champion . So, I purchased it from Chief and it was marked McFarlane. aeroshell 31 gallons are in stock at spruce. Q: Does using your shorter oil filter design have a negative effect on filtering my engines oil? Smaller particles potentially enter the engine, of course. Patience, Cryer said, is the key to weathering the issues the industry faces right now. Terrible idea for most, but there it is for the desperate. JD Kuti, vice president of Pinnacle Aircraft Engines, has been working on engines for over 14 years. Tempest SpinEZ filters all have magnets. We do inspections, repairs, and everything you can think of on an airplane, he continued. Spin-On Oil Filters: Champion or Tempest? The same is true for the Champs beefy coil spring, which keep the filter element mated to the internal gaskets. I have three of these in my personal stockpile.. if youre really stuck, send me a PM and Ill be happy to sell you one for whatever they normally go for online. I'm hoping it gets resolved soon. As our team continues to work diligently in response to increased demand in the marketplace, please place all orders for oil filters through our distribution network. Fort Myers, Fla. ---June 3, 2021 ---The slowdown of the supply chain in industries around the globe is now impacting the private aviation industry. I've checked every site I can and no one has them in stock. Our normal customer's based here in Waukesha. Hemi 6.4. Point your MULTI-PORT 24" AIR COMB. Basically, Champions production came to a halt, and while Tempest has been trying to take up the slack, they cant more than double production in a short period of time, so yup - there are a whole lot fewer filters in the pipeline. I ordered a case of Tempest AA48109 oil filters last month from Spruce and they said there out of stock but would have them in on 4/25still waiting. What really matters is that the FAA drop the third class medical pronto and thats because there is definetly conclusive evidence that the third class medical doesnt reasonably contribute to safety. All Cessna aircraft modified under Cessna Service bulletin SEB-93-1 or MEB-93-1 require Tempest Oil Filter AA48108. We try to order as much stuff as we can, as soon as we know the engine's coming, and try to get stocked up. In the northern reaches of Minnesota, where bush flying is as tough as Alaska minus the mountains, A bush pilot's memoir of his adventures in the late 1960's and early 70's detail a career, An opportunity seized to try what many would call the ultimate 2-seat bushplane: the Aviat Husky A-1C, 1.14.2014 - Initial article format In the second part of this series, we cover operations on skis, and the unique challenges. The woman told me the outlook for champion filters is worse. Its purpose it two-fold: Its intended to catch fine particles of steel which might pass through the filtering paper. Located in Silverhill, Alabama, and founded in 2010, Kuti and his partners bought Pinnacle in 2019. And just like the great Toilet Paper issue a couple of years ago, folks decided they needed to stock up in advance of a shortage - making the shortage worse for everyone. On Order: 231 Units expected in 66-69 business day (s). Tall filters, of course, have more filtering media, which some believe are effective for longer service intervals. Check Craigs ListMichiganYoopersGuy is selling 10 for $100. good luck. Re the application of magenta to the Champion Filter.how many of those little fellas do you use2 or 3? It would seem to me that after all these years there doesnt seem to be any conclusive proof that not having an oil filter was detrimental to the engine; accordingly, one must only assume that it doesnt matter. Then, when we went to order filters, the price had increased about 7% in three months time, which is not typical at all.. Extra strength gives added assurance that Tempest oil filters are made to withstand the harshest operating conditions. According to industry-approved tests, the Champion oil filter traps and holds more dirt and harmful particles during its normal operating time than any other similar filter. While there are currently two choices of readily available, spin-on aircraft oil filtersChampion Aerospace and the Tempest Original, made by Aero Accessories, what goes on your engine during an oil change will likely depend on what your maintenance shop has on its parts shelf. Let the hoarding begin! Proprietary Magnet Inspection Aid for SPIN EZ Oil Filters No Longer Available. I called McFarlane and they said these filters just come loose. The toughest thing that we have, is not even a parts procurement right now, as much as it is the freight companies. We had to work hard to access the filter bypass mechanism, which is nothing more than a pressure valve-spring cage that, when open, allows oil to continue to flow toward the filters outlet. Rolls-Royce Begins Testing F130 Engines for U.S. Air Force, Moog Inc. So, they'll actually put them up for sale, and if you don't check every day, they're gone. There are 241 replacement oil filters for JOHN-DEERE AM107423. A note on filters. In effect the best way to be ahead of your engine maintenance requirements. PF66 (GM #55495105) Oil Filter Shortage and Replacement Parts Effective 8/20/2021 Due to increase in demand in the past 6 months, the PF66 oil filter (GM# 55495105) is currently backordered. 12.22.2013 - Initial article format Operating aircraft on skis and negotiating a snow-covered landscape is an entirely unique skillset and environment. We always put new cylinders on, new pistons, overhaul the fuel system, mags, new harness, new spark plugs, and we build everything within new tolerances. Places that historically would not sell parts over the counter, Cryer said are now making exceptions for shops in need or helping them locate the part when they dont have it. But bigger than that is the global spare parts and raw materials supply, transport and manufacture shortages (inc oil filters) from COVID and the Ukraine War have all added up. Unless otherwise noted, these reviews carry product pricing from the time of the original review. KNIPEX, PLIER WRENCH 7-1/4" . I dunno how much good they do there, but I think they're inside the hex on the end of the filter. Q: Is the AA48108-2 and the AA48109 interchangeable? (800) 247-7693 AA48110-2 Tempest Oil Filters Manufacturer: Tempest Plus Aircraft Parts Part Number: AA48110-2 $28.95 Condition * New 1 in stock Qty: + - Add to cart Add to Saved Parts Privacy Policy. An OEMcustomer wanted to buy a simple O-320 series engine and they had really done their homework when it came to pricing. how much avb for cookies,

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